Pokemongomongo.tk Myriadcoin Pool.
up for 2,5 years and counting.
1,1%fee, Minimum payout only 0.01 , automatic payout every 60 seconds.

New algo Argon2d(4096) is coming soon. we are ready for the new algorithm.

Test-net is already online: stratum+tcp://pokemongomongo.tk:3044, Username=myriadcoin-testnet-Address, password=anything
Tested and working with cpuminer-opt and algo specified as argon2d4096


stratum+tcp://pokemongomongo.tk:3034, Username=myriadcoinAddress:password (password can be anything)
Yescrypt algo is the best algo to mine with CPU on computers,servers and mobiles.
This can also be mines with newer GPUs.
You can find working and updated Yescrypt mining software for Windows and linux in this thread on bitcointalk.
example to get you going : "cpuminer.exe -a yescrypt -o stratum+tcp://pokemongomongo.tk:3034 -O MBAL7nKebkJqbNTH2RGrJWsPmpqvBph55D:home" , where you ofcourse use your own Myriadcoin adress

Contact me at post@pokemongomongo.tk for feedback

Block Overview

Pool Valid Shares Invalid Shares (Rate %) Total Blocks
myriadcoin-argon2d 792 7 (0.0088%) 118
myriadcoin-yescrypt 34590775 128234 (0.0037%) 2763


Pool Pending Blocks Confirmed Blocks Orphaned Blocks
myriadcoin-argon2d 0 108 10
myriadcoin-yescrypt 0 2721 42

Pool Stats

Pool Algo Workers Valid Shares Invalid Shares Total Blocks Pending Confirmed Orphaned Hashrate
myriadcoin-argon2d argon2d 0 792 7 118 0 108 10 0.00 KH
myriadcoin-yescrypt yescrypt 6 34590775 128234 2763 0 2721 42 12.95 KH