Pokemongomongo.tk Myriadcoin Pool.
up for 4+ years and still counting.
1,1%fee, Minimum payout only 0.01 , automatic payout every 60 seconds.


stratum+tcp://pokemongomongo.tk:3054, Username=myriadcoinaddress, password=anything
Argon2D is the best algorithm to mine with CPUs on computers, servers and mobiles.
Use Cpuminer-opt v3.8.8.1 from Github,
Syntax: cpuminer -a argon2d4096 -o stratum+tcp://pokemongomongo.tk:3054 -u myriadcoinaddress -p anypassword
You can also mine this with Nvidia GPU's. Use CryptoDredge software for this.


stratum+tcp://pokemongomongo.tk:3034, Username=myriadcoinAddress:password (password can be anything)
Yescrypt algo can be mined with CPU on computers,servers and mobiles.
This can also be mines with newer GPUs.
You can find working and updated Yescrypt mining software for Windows and linux in this thread on bitcointalk.
example to get you going : "cpuminer.exe -a yescrypt -o stratum+tcp://pokemongomongo.tk:3034 -O MBAL7nKebkJqbNTH2RGrJWsPmpqvBph55D:home" , where you ofcourse use your own Myriadcoin adress

Contact me at post@pokemongomongo.tk for feedback

myriadcoin-argon2d Stats

Address Shares Invalid shares Efficiency Hashrate
4ddCqbi2hiUz7utjTBdWctbcuq3GzhCaim 2 0 100% 0.61 KH
51R8EA8imxnKj3m5otzqJbapypmHe5teE6 47 0 100% 10.41 KH
4sszEXx5eYskym95WAB8qxrdYt9WwLNU93 3 0 100% 0.70 KH

myriadcoin-yescrypt Stats

Address Shares Invalid shares Efficiency Hashrate
51f4L8rfCWDb6nXqpoSqKMrQqetYCuAnS2 11 0 100% 2.61 KH
4efUEzyJs2wbAMBroyKPqbAga4yCRBFLz8 2 0 100% 0.57 KH
51R8EA8imxnKj3m5otzqJbapypmHe5teE6 80 0 100% 17.49 KH
4uSj7TUFycB5wnXvn3uwd1vMbmLF4cQy2Y 5 0 100% 1.09 KH
4n5F7ns5LBGLHUNcCrw8RpZvcjPYcUUYDa 0 0 100% 0.13 KH