Pokemongomongo.tk Myriadcoin Pool. 1,1%fee, Minimum payout only 0.01 , automatic payout every 60 seconds.

Yescrypt algo: stratum+tcp://pokemongomongo.tk:3034, Username=myriadcoinAddress:password (password can be anything)
Yescrypt algo is the best algo to mine with CPU on computers,servers and mobiles.

You can find working and updated Yescrypt mining software for Windows and linux in this thread on bitcointalk.
example to get you going : "cpuminer.exe -a yescrypt -o stratum+tcp://pokemongomongo.tk:3034 -O MBAL7nKebkJqbNTH2RGrJWsPmpqvBph55D:home" , where you ofcourse use your own Myriadcoin adress

Contact me at post@pokemongomongo.tk for feedback

myriadcoin-argon2d Stats

Address Shares Invalid shares Efficiency Hashrate

myriadcoin-yescrypt Stats

Address Shares Invalid shares Efficiency Hashrate
4i9LuzJcZkAM9eka4ca5M26tR6AwQmUWSZ 2 0 100% 0.57 KH
4g5Bh9DncSNTww1bo8ZHuQ1qHdonUEa9Fp 21 0 100% 4.75 KH
4jDYm3GNzQY2VuGX8veRaep4LdC44jnrZK 8 0 100% 1.86 KH
4gfNLAfH3jboNRV7omh4JCarTkFzyoa1Nf 4 0 100% 0.93 KH
4efUEzyJs2wbAMBroyKPqbAga4yCRBFLz8 12 0 100% 2.80 KH